The majority of films I have created over the years have been 'brickfilms', ie stop motion animation films made using LEGO bricks. Here is to the best of my knowledge, my filmography:

Created Film Name Notes Watch
2015.01 Good Morning Simons A successful entry to THAC XII! YouTube
2012.12 The Revolutionary Product - A Failed THAC X Entry An attempt to enter THAC X. It failed due to family commitments, technical problems and a lack of preparation. YouTube
2012.04 Easter 2012 - Children It's Time For An Easter Egg Hunt! Entry to the Easter 2012 competition on First video made using Logitech c920 webcam. YouTube
2010.12 THAC 8 - Ambitions Made in about 4 hours! YouTube
2010.10 Lego Star Wars - The 3 Rebel Scouts - I YouTube
2010.03 LEGO Native American Gun Advert Made for a history lesson. YouTube
2009.12 Lego Star Wars - Death Star Christmas Eve YouTube
2009.11 LEGO STAR WARS - THE 100 YEAR WAR (Part 2) YouTube
2009.10 Lego BBC World News First video made with a tripod (although it doesn't really show...) YouTube
2009.07 LEGO Land - The Killer Kebab YouTube
2009.07 LEGO Witch Doctor - Music Video Most popular video with over 25000 views. YouTube
2009.07 Lego Tennis 2009 Mens Open Never uploaded to the internet Unavailable (but located)
2009.07? Mr French and The Smashing Train Made at school as an ICT project with friends. YouTube
2009.06 Lego Star Wars - Rebel Dance First video made with Cyberlink PowerDirector 7. YouTube
2009.06 LEGO Castle - The Quest YouTube featured this video in Nov. 09 YouTube
2009.05 The Toilet of Doom Lego YouTube
2009.04 LEGO STAR WARS THE 100 YEAR WAR (Part 1) YouTube
2009.01 Lego Star Wars - The Imperial March Never uploaded Unavailable (But located)
2009.01 Lego Star Wars - The Escape Removed it from YouTube Unavailable (But located)
2008.01 Lego Star Wars - A New Year Removed it from YouTube Unavailable (But located)
2008.10 Lego Fast Food Song Removed due copyright infringement Unavailable (But located)
2008.08 Lego Bath Tub Song First public YouTube upload. YouTube
2008.07 Darth Maul and the football incident Made with friend. Unavailable (But located)
2007.12 LEGO STAR WARS AND THE MAGIC DRINKS Created for the Star Wars Movie Making Contest although I had no idea how to enter it into the competition. Unavailable (But located)
2007.10 A Day At French Fries Note: the titles are non original. YouTube

Known films that need date checking and adding:

• (Creation date) Day at French Fries
• LEGO City Airport (with Archie)
• Spywatch
• Star Wars - Magic Drinks
• French Fries (forgotten episode)
• French Fries 2
• Fight for this love