Hello I'm Charlie and welcome to my blog for internet things! I'm usually known as BoatsAreRockable or simply Boats around various places. This site was created to allow you to learn more about what I've created, if you have any questions please feel free to get in touch with me.


LEGO bricks have always been my favourite toy. But in Summer 2008 I discovered I could do more with my LEGO than just building stuff, I discovered that I could take pictures and stitch them into films. It is a bit strange really because I don't recall ever seeing any other brickfilms before I made my own - I guess I was just a creative 9 year old! You can watch my first video on YouTube here (although the titles you see before it are not the originals).

Since then, I've very much irregularly posted brickfilms to YouTube to some success with my old channel, Legomoviemaker1 gaining over 80,000 views and at its peak 600 subscribers. My more recent videos can be found on my new YouTube channel, BoatsAreRockable.

I'm also involved with the brickfilming community on Bricks in Motion and am an admin for the Brickfilms Wiki. On a related note, I've recently been developing Boats Animator - a free open-source stop motion program.

Further information on how I make brickfilms >


I am a clarinettist and am interested in music composition. A few early pieces can be found on my YouTube channel. The main ways I compose are using a piano and the program Sibelius.

Other Activities

I am also interested in history, politics, musicals, software development and technology generally.