Wednesday 17 September 2014

NEW MUSIC: Uploaded my GCSE Compositions

After receiving my GCSE results about a month ago I decided to upload the compositions I wrote for music. My school does music GCSE with the exam board Edexcel which requires you to write two pieces to fit particular set genres. While throughout the 2 years of GCSE I composed several pieces, ultimately the 2 pieces I sent off for marking were:
  • Happy Blues (YouTube link) - to fit the brief '12 Bar Blues'
  • Poetry - A Musical (YouTube link) - to fit the brief 'Song from a musical'
While I was relatively happy with both pieces, I feel that my skills have definitely improved since and from writing the two pieces. Here's some more information about them:

Happy Blues :)

This was both the first and highest scoring piece I wrote at the beginning of year 10 for GCSE. It it very influenced by the Miles Davis - All Blues piece we had to study for the course but in addition the music from the film Blues Brothers and other locations I can't quite remember! The name was kindly suggested by a very outspoken member of my class who declared that the piece sounded rather happy...

Poetry - A Musical

In contrast this piece was the last one I wrote, with the first draft finished just a few days before our designated time to write it up in exam conditions began. It takes its influences heavily from the West End show Matilda The Musical which I saw the previous December and thoroughly enjoyed for it's creative and at the same time simple and relatable presentation. Also without me realising until after completing it the main chord progression in Poetry is very similar to that of Let It Go from Disney's Frozen which was very popular around the time of writing it!

I hope you enjoyed listening and reading about my pieces and stayed tuned as I share more with you in the future including my AS Music piece eventually.


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